Boots Traditional Skin Care Skin Cream 200ml


In Nigeria, Boots Traditional Skin Care Skin Cream 200ml


Boots Traditional Skin Cream is an excellent all purpose cream. It can be used as a cleansing cream or as a moisturising cream to gently condition and care for your skin. Contains Lanolin. Dermatologically tested. Apply to face and neck with fingertips. Wipe away using cotton wool if being used as a cleanser.

Helpful Review

Greatest face cream
GeorgiaMay – I bought this cream on a whim, saw there was one left and got it. I’ve always struggled with finding a moisturiser that doesn’t give me painful spots after using, after using this for a week I noticed my skin looking much healthier and glowy and didn’t irritate my skin in anyway. I have combination skin and I used it on my face before bed and it’s honestly the best cream I’ve ever used.




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