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Nigerian Based Skincare Tips, Reviews and Recommendations for Skin of Colour.

Tips, tricks and reviews to help you get the best skin of your life.  You will find helpful articles here where we share from our vast experience on skincare products, Treatments  and practices from our perspective of how they work on our beautiful African skin and our wonderful Nigerian weather. Subscribe so you never miss a tip, trick or SALES notification.


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Skincare Products

Nigeria's No.1 online skincare store for top brands and original products. Your products are kept in a well air conditioned showroom, so they are as potent as they were made to be. We buy direct from the brands, so you can trust that you get what only original products.

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Skincare Consultation

Is your current skincare routine helping or harming your looks and therefore your confidence? Do you need help sorting out age old skin concerns? Do you need treatments to help with stubborn skin or body concerns? Start with Virtual Skincare Consultation with our expert Skincare consultant today.

Skincare & Body Treatment

From Anti-aging skincare products and treatments to Glutathione Infusion IV and a whole range of super effective skincare products for your optimal skin and body care at our treatment centre close to you in mainland Lagos.