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Ageless Japanese Skincare in Nigeria: Cleanser Edition

Why have Japanese cleansers become special and well embraced by many around the world? Going skincare shopping is almost common with everyone that visits Japan - a hub of healthy skincare. There’s…
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Should Men Use Skincare?

Is Skincare For Men? - An Often Asked Question in Skincare Did you know that men’s skin deserve and require as much love and care as that of women? Here's why skincare…

What’s In Your Eye Cream?

Getting The Most Out Of Your Eye Cream An eye cream is not just your average moisturiser. It's been specifically formulated to combat the issues concentrated around the eyes. There are two…

Eyebrow and Lash Lamination: The New Trend

Featured Product: Elevate The Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Lamination Kit! Imagine waking up everyday to perfectly looking, neat eyebrows and beautifully curled lashes achieved stresslessly. What is Eyebrow and Lash Lamination? Eyebrow lamination,…

Ageless Japanese Skincare in Nigeria: Sunscreen Edition

Did you know that Japanese sunscreens have one of the best formula in the beauty industry? Lightweight, non-sticky and won’t leave a white cast! Hello Skincare Lovers, in our last blog on…

Japanese Skincare: Hype or True?

Is The Hype on Japanese Skincare Justified? Ever wondered why it's quite difficult to tell the age of a Japanese Woman? That's because their skincare goal is 'Younger-Looking Skin for Longer', with…

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Skincare Consultation

Is your current skincare routine helping or harming your looks and therefore your confidence? Do you need help sorting out age old skin concerns? Do you need treatments to help with stubborn skin or body concerns? Start with Virtual Skincare Consultation with our expert Skincare consultant today.

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From Anti-aging skincare products and treatments to Glutathione Infusion IV and a whole range of super effective skincare products for your optimal skin and body care at our treatment centre close to you in mainland Lagos.