Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha Essence 150ml


In Nigeria, Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence 150ml


Formulated with Vegan Tea Complex (78%), detoxifies toxins in body and fills up nutrition and hydration for the balanced, healthy looking complexion. This essence is a true multitasker as it absorbs like a toner and functions as a cream-essence hybrid. Perfect for all skin types especially dry, sensitive, dull or imbalanced.

Combining the detoxifying abilities of kombucha tea extract with plant botanicals and nourishing seed oil, this formula is made to create a healthy, vibrant complexion, especially when skin feels overly tight or dry, or oily on the surface yet dehydrated.

Bursting with probiotics and Vitamin B, kombucha extract helps draw impurities out of the skin while balancing its hydration. Camellia sinensis leaf (green tea) water and Schisandra chinensis fruit (omija) extract, both powerful antioxidants further hydrate and strengthen the skin.

In addition, sunflower seed oil nourishes and aids in a supple glow. Scent-free.

Perfect for use as a toner, essence and moisturizer in one.

Main active ingredients:

Kombucha Tea Extract
The fermented black tea has abundant probiotics, vitamin B, and various nutrition, helping release toxins and strengthening immunity.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water
Compared to pure water, has various nutrition, such as vitamins, tannin, amino acids, and proteins for detox and anti aging.


Shake well prior to usage. After cleansing and toning, apply an appropriate amount and gently pat to allow absorption. Apply additional layers for additional hydration.

TIPS: For oily skin, use a single layer. For combination skin, layer on twice. For dry skin, use 3 or more layers for that supple glow.

We recommend doing a patch test on a wrist or behind the ear before using any new product.


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