Dr. V Collagen Boost Coconut & Watermelon 8g


In Nigeria, Dr. V Collagen Boost 8g Watermelon & Coconut Flavour


The fastest way to glowing/hydrated skin & thicker/stronger hair is with max. bioavailability marine collagen powder. Dr. V Collagen Boost contains 8g collagen x 14 servings per pack (single serve sachets). Stir/shake in water or smoothies. 14 servings per pouch (1 serving/scoop per day). Just 35-38 calories per serving. Scoop included. Flavour: Watermelon & Coconut

Collagen is the main building block protein that forms your bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Collagen production reduces by 1% every year from 21 onwards. This leads to loss of skin elasticity, which causes wrinkles, dry, thinning and sagging skin.

Contains 8g per serving of Type 1 Hydrolysed Marine Collagen (derived from wild caught fish), which is the highest bioavailability (most effective) type of collagen powder on the market. Best stirred/shaken in water, but can be blended with milk or juice also to make smoothie.


  • 83% of users report glowing & firmer skin.
  • 76% of users say hair feels thicker & fuller.
  • High protein, fat free, no added sugar. 35 cals.
  • Added vitamins for younger looking skin (inc. Vitamin D3 & Hyaluronic acid for skin of colour).



  • Add 1 sachet of powder to 300ml of cold or room temperature water and stir well. Drink within a few minutes of mixing the powder into liquid.
  • Best consumed with water, but can be blended with milk or juice to make smoothie.
  • Can easily be consumed on an empty stomach, but if you are finding it difficult, drink after a meal.
  • One serving per day advised, morning or evening.


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