Gainwell Compressed Cellulose Facial Sponges 50 pcs


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In Nigeria, Gainwell Compressed Cellulose Facial Sponges 50 pcs

50-count little round cellulose facial sponges. Natural Cosmetic Spa Sponges for Facial Cleansing, Exfoliating Mask, Makeup Removal. Made of 100% natural sponge extracted from wood pulp, environmentally friendly. Free of harsh chemicals & odors, not irritating to the skin. Gentle enough for daily face wash, deep pore cleansing, exfoliating, removing facial masks and makeup.

These sponges are suitable for all skin types, sensitive, tender skin types included. Portable and Reusable – Sized as shown. These facial sponges comfortably fit in the palm of your hand and are easy to hold and operate. They are also great to take while you traveling and on the go! Reusable.

If you use one piece every week, one pack will last you all year!


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