Geek & Gorgeous A-Game 5 Retinal Serum 0.05%


Online Nigeria: Geek & Gorgeous 101 A-Game 5 Retinal Serum 0.05%


New to Antiaging Retinoids? Start here – Geek and Gorgeous A-Game 5 – 0.05 Retinal Serum. Here’s why- Retinal is the “big brother to Retinol 11 times more effective against antiaging than the better known anti-aging superstar, retinol. The 0.05 Geek and Gorgeous A-Game 5 is the right dose for beginners. A silky, light emulsion containing a medium-strength amount of retinal to help against all signs of aging, while being gentle on the skin.
 It is estimated that retinal can convert more than 10x faster than retinol, making retinal an outstandingly effective member of the retinoid family (vitamin A family).

Who is it for?

Pretty much anyone who is looking to try out Retinal in their skincare routine, but the texture of this product is more comfortable for combination and oily skin.
Skin Type
ideal for combination, oily skin
Skin Problem
smart-aging, wrinkles, loss of firmness, pigmentation
bright yellow, silky and light emulsion

How to use it?

Apply a pea sized amount to the face in the PM. In your evening routine, apply liquid and gel-type products first. Follow with a moisturizer. Wear a sunscreen of SPF 15 or greater in the morning.

If your skin is sensitive, start using A-Game every other day and if well-tolerated, move up to every evening in two weeks. You can try using A-Game around the eye area, but pay attention not to rub it into your eyes.

Do not use, if pregnant or breastfeeding!

Good to know: A-Game has a bright yellow color due to the retinal in it. Based on our experience, it dissipates on the skin and does not leave a yellow tint on surfaces.


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