Impulse Wide Awake Sapphire Fragrance 150ml


In Nigeria, Impulse Wide Awake Sapphire Body Fragrance Mist 150ml


Impulse Wide Awake Body Fragrance Mist 150 ml is part of the mist-ic collection of crystal-inspired scents – Impulse’s range of exciting, fresh fragrances to suit your every impulse. Inspired By The Crystal-Healing Power Of Sapphire, Wide Awake Body Fragrance Mist Evokes A Sense Of Awakening Through A Refreshing Waterfall Of Citrus, Eucalyptus And Basil. With These Wellness Allies Close At Hand, It Helps You Feel Balanced, Centred And Grounded.

This 150 Ml Fragrance Body Spray Fits Perfectly In Your Handbag And Can Be Used On The Go, After The Gym, Or Simply At Home To Feel Good. Enjoy This Body Mist Anytime, Anywhere – Trust Your Impulse. Impulse’S Limited Edition Collection Shakes Up Ideas Of Finding Balance And Identifying As A Woman. Whether You’Re Doing #Selfcaresunday Or Chilling With Friends, This Selection Of Delicate Fragrances Will Help To Ground And Centre You – Perfect For Relishing The Moment, Or Helping You To Rise Above It. Feel All The Feels Whilst Remaining Completely Grounded In Yourself.

Hold The Bottle 15 Cm Away From The Body. Simply Twist The Top Of The Mist And Press In Short Bursts To Release The Refreshing Fragrance.

Why Not Treat Yourself To Other Body Mists In The Impulse Mist-Ic Range? Try Impulse Empower For A Sense Of Personal Power, Inner Peace For Calmness, Serenity For Its Warming Embrace, Balanced Mind For Internal Harmony, And Self Love For A Sense Of Kindness To Yourself.

  • Impulse Wide Awake Body Fragrance Mist 150 Ml Is Inspired By The Perfection Of Sapphire, Delivering Ways For You To Find Balance Whilst Remaining Grounded And Centred
  • Inspired By The Brilliant Beauty Of The Rare Blue Gemstone, This Body Fragrance Mist Evokes A Sense Of Awakening Through A Refreshing Waterfall Of Citrus, Eucalyptus And Basil
  • This Body Mist Comes In A 150 Ml Handy-Sized Bottle With Widely Recyclable Components
  • Pop The Top And Spray The Fragrance Impulsively Where You Want It, When You Want It
  • Perfect For Your Handbag – Take The Handy-Sized 150 Ml Body Spray Bottle With You Night And Day
  • Whether You’Re Doing #Selfcaresunday Or A Chill Night With Friends, This Delicate Fragrance Helps You To Relish The Moment Or Rise Above It


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