La Roche-Posay Ciciplast Gel B5 Pro-Recovery 40ml


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In Nigeria, La Roche Ciciplast Gel B5 Pro-Recovery Skincare 40ml


CICAPLAST Gel B5 promotes optimal epidermal recovery: the skin’s barrier function is restored more quickly. It is enriched with the soothing and anti-inflammatory Madecassoside properties and repairing skin barrier – Panthenol 5%, and anti-bacterial agents. The silicone gel provides a comfortable “invisible dressing” effect.

CICAPLAST GEL B5 contains active ingredients combined to create an expert recovery skincare: POST-STITCHES. POST-COSMETIC PEELING. POST-LASER. PRO-RECOVERY SKINCARE.
  • Immediate soothing: [5% Panthenol] + [La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water]
  • To aid epidermal recovery: [Madecassoside] + [Copper – Zinc – Manganese] + [Hyaluronic Acid]
  • Pro-massage invisible gel: [Silicone gel texture enriched with Glycerin]

Apply daily and massage into skin to improve the appearance of recent scarring (after cicatrisation or removal of stitches). Apply twice daily to dry patches. After dermatological procedures follow your dermatologist’s recommendations. Do not apply directly on wounded skin. Avoid the eye contour area. Face, Lips, Body.

Pleasant texture: invisible band aid, pro-massage gelnon sticky and easy spreading. With La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water.


Cicaplast Gel B5 can be used to massage scars. Massaging scars aids the healing process:
– [Cu-Zn-Mn] complex protect against bacterial proliferation
– leaves the skin more supple, less red and painful

Scar massage can be done:
– once sutures and/or staples have been removed
– on a scar that is completely closed and not oozing, and that has been washed and dried.
Massage scars once healed (as a cosmetic product cannot be applied on damaged skin).

Good skin tolerance*
*clinical study on 63 women, self-assessment immediatly and after 28 days

Patient satisfaction: 84%, Soothes tightness sensations 88%, Reduces discomfort and itching 85%, Leaves the skin comfortable = 80%, Easy to apply = 95%, Pro massage properties = 88%, Protective texture = 76%

*63 patients 22yo, application of the CICAPLAST GEL B5, 2 times a day during 28 days


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