Medik8 Liquid Peptides 30ml


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In Nigeria, MEDIK8 Liquid Peptides 30ml

A lightweight serum to boost elasticity and smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles, Medik8’s Liquid Peptides harnesses a 30% peptide complex to reveal deeply hydrated, youthful-looking skin. Highly effective, this formula is powered by different types of peptides;
  • A copper-based peptide – referred to as a drone-targeted peptide – hones in on fibroblast cells and helps to stimulate collagen synthesis.
  •  This copper peptide is encapsulated in a polymer shell that guides it to the targeted cell, it then binds with the fibroblast and active, cell-penetrating peptides seep out to make way for the Matrixyl 3000 complex (a mix of peptides that firm and plump)
  • Carnosine (a protective peptide that blocks skin-damaging sugars from binding to collagen)
  • Argirelox (an innovative peptide that minimises muscle contraction to help foil expression lines).
 The results? Your skin appears supple and beautifully smooth!


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