So…? Bali Breeze Body Mist 50ml


In Nigeria, So…? Bali Breeze Body Mist 50ml


Discover the full Body Mist by So…? Collection that ranges from the sweet and fruity, to the fresh and floral. Feel the ocean air on your skin with SO…? Escapes Bali Breeze Body Mist. Be transported to days on the beach with mellow notes of coconut, pineapple and pretty orange blossoms for a tropical oasis. Fruity and floral body mist scents inspired by the heat of the sun, the feel of the sand and the smell of the ocean breeze. So you can experience the smell of summer – whenever & wherever you are!


  • Hold 15cm from body
  • Add a spritz of body mist in the morning or evening
  • Pop the handy fragrance mist bottle into your handbag for an on-the-go fragrance refresh
  • Scent should last for an estimated 6 hours after spraying


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