Vintage Cosmetic Makeup Removing Cloths Leopard


In Nigeria, The Vintage Cosmetic Face Wash & Make-up Removing Cloths – Leopard Print


Want to take a walk on the wildly natural side? Then you need our vintage-inspired, leopard print make-up removing cloths in your bathroom and your life! They may look sweetly retro in their candy-striped gift box, but their results are fiercely modern – skin that looks squeaky clean and feels brand new with nothing more chemical involved than a splash of good old-fashioned H2O.

Each 9¾” x 9¾” face cloth is double-sided – the short fiber side for whisking makeup and everyday dirt away, even the most stubborn of waterproof eyeliners or long-lasting lip stains, and the longer fibers on the reverse for exfoliating – giving you twice the blemish-free bang for your bucks.

With three leopard-print removing cloths in the box, you can have one in the bathroom ready to pounce, one in the wash (30C max!) and one ready to go.

How to use

  • Dampen the cloth with a splash of warm water, then gently massage the short fiber-side over your face, starting with the delicate eye area first, until every visible trace of make-up has melted away.
  • Now flip to the longer-fiber side for an extra-deep cleanse and exfoliation to reveal glowing skin.
  • Machine wash on 30C before first use to fluff up all those mighty fine fibres and remove any odd bits of loose lint, then leave to air-dry.


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