Byoma Brightening Serum 30ml


In Nigeria, Byoma Brightening Serum 30ml


BRIGHTEN & HYDRATE. This powerful brightening facial serum helps significantly improve skin’s tone and texture for even, glowing results. The lightweight serum visibly brightens while helping to ease signs of hyperpigmentation and uneven tone from first use. Infused with our unique barrier boosting Tri-Ceramide Complex (ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids), niacinamide to brighten and even tone and hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate, this serum works to strengthen skin barrier function, while helping to defend against environmental aggressors, providing antioxidant benefits.

Daily application delivers significantly brighter, radiant, more hydrated skin. Dermatologist tested and approved, oil-free, non-comedogenic, alcohol and fragrance-free, vegan and cruelty free skincare.



  • Powerful brightening facial serum to improve dull tone and texture
  • Unique Tri-Ceramide Complex to support skin barrier health
  • Niacinamide + hyaluronic acid to brighten & hydrate
  • Dermatologist tested & approved skincare
  • Alcohol & fragrance-free
  • Vegan & cruelty free



  • Tri-Ceramide Complex: BYOMA’s carefully researched Tri-Ceramide Complex is designed to mimic and replenish the essential lipids found in skin. Formulated with the 3 key components of the stratum corneum- ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids – to rebuild the skin barrier and restore natural moisture levels, ensuring skin functions at its best every single day.
  • Niacinamide
  • Hyaluronic Acid



  • Apply 4-6 drops to cleansed skin, gently pressing until fully absorbed
  • Follow with hydrating serum + moisturizer
  • Unscrew pump, rinse out bottle and recycle in normal household plastic waste when finished!


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