Dove Nourishing Silk Body Wash 450ml


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In Nigeria, Dove Nourishing Silk Body Wash 450ml


• Dove Nourishing Silk Body Wash for instantly soft skin

• Blended with skin-natural moisturisers to help renew skin’s moisture

• Soft, luxurious floral fragrance soothes your senses

• Sulfate-SLES-free Dove body wash that’s microbiome-gentle

• Nourishing body wash gives superior care for all skin types

• Dermatologically-tested moisturising body wash
Looking for ways to get soft skin? With the help of a nourishing and gentle skin care routine, any skin goal can become a reality. In a light, delicately fragranced formula, Dove Nourishing Silk Body Wash works by taking care of dry skin – giving touchably soft skin.

Our elegant body wash for soft skin moisturises your skin by leaving a luxuriously silky layer and a delicate, floral fragrance. The creamy formula gives proven lasting care and helps renew skin’s natural moisture. With a blend of naturally-derived gentle cleansers and plant-based moisturiser, this moisturising body wash promises instantly soft skin and lasting nourishment. Sulfate-SLES-free and dermatologically-tested, Dove body wash is made to be microbiome-gentle. And while your skin’s living protective layer gets the mild care it needs, the soft floral fragrance soothes your senses.


Perfect for

• Instantly smooth, silky skin
Looking for a body wash for soft skin? The skin-natural moisturisers in this nourishing body wash help to renew skin’s natural moisture. And with added naturally-derived gentle cleansers and plant-based moisturiser, Dove Nourishing Silk Body Wash gives long-lasting nourishment for all skin types

• Daily indulgence
As this formula cleanses, the rich, creamy lather leaves an indulgent silky layer on your skin. Finally: your skin can enjoy the care it deserves with this nourishing body wash every day

• Soothing your senses
With a soft, floral finish this luxurious formula leaves skin with a beautifully delicate fragrance. Don’t worry – even with this captivating floral fragrance – we’ve made this sulfate-SLES-free Dove body wash microbiome-gentle, to care for sensitive skin too


How to use

For lasting nourishment, squeeze a generous amount of Dove Nourishing Silk Body Wash between your hands, or onto a sponge, and apply all over your body in circular motions. Then, rinse away the formula thoroughly with warm water to reveal soft skin with a delicate, floral scent.


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