Skincare Face Fridge for Products


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In Nigeria, Skincare Face Fridge for Products


Subcold Skincare Fridge will help you get the most out of your skincare products and give you the cool sensation you need. It will protect your skincare products from bacteria as well as extend their shelf life. Your skincare fridge can travel with you wherever you go as it is compact and portable. They are equipped with multiple power options including UK Mains Plug and USB Power bank option (2AMP).

This Skincare fridge is equipped with advanced thermoelectric technology which means you can use it as a cooler or a warmer. It can cool to a minimum of 3°C and heat up to 60°C depending on your needs.

This beauty fridge is measures 190W x 255D x 280H mm, providing storage capacity of 4 litre and comes with one removable shelf inside. They are available in GREY colour to match your surroundings. The fridge contains a high-grade brushless fan motor which makes it operate silently. You can be assured it will make a smooth addition to your bedroom without causing much disturbance. Perfectly fits in your dressing table and any surface in your room


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