Grass Roots Complete Pedicure Set


In Nigeria, Grass Roots Complete Pedicure Set of 3; Foot File, Nail File & Nail Clipper


A professional/home foot care tool for dry, calloused and cracked heels which gives soft fancy feet with little effort. This foot scraper would not scratch your skin and gives soft fancy feet care at home, keep your feet breathe freely and become smooth again. Regular care with your own pedicure set reduces the hard skin build up, and leaves your feet supple skinned. Package includes a foot file, nail file and a nail clipper. It’s a great gift for your friends and family members 

  • Stable and durable: the foot file is made of quality stainless steel material, stable and flexible to use, not easy to fade or rust, can effectively but gently remove the thick callused skin, durable enough for your long-term using
  • This pedicure set fully meets everything your daily needs, it can provide you a best hand care, and foot care. Can be used on wet and dry skin.
  • The nail file and cuticle nail clipper kit are lightweight and portable, convenient to carry or store in your bags, pockets, cases, you can use them anytime and anywhere, good for travel, home, business trip and more
How To Use
  • Soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 mins to soften skin before use to help you clean dead skin on your feet faster and cleaner.
  • Grind with the foot file thicker side first, and then with the finer side. Repeat until skin in smoother and rid o dead cells. Do not use harshly. Be firm and careful with the foot file so you do not hurt the skin.
  • Rinse and moisturise.
  • Clean and disinfect tools immdiately after use.
  • Trim nail with nail clipper and use the nail file afterwards to shape nail as desired.
  • Try to avoid sharing these tools with other people to avoid beriberi and other problems.

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