Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave-In Treatment


In Nigeria, Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave-In Treatment 100ml


Help your hair get its grow on with the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Activation Leave-In Treatment. A  lightweight tonic designed to nourish the scalp and lengthen and strengthen hair from root to tip. The perfect leave-in treatment for hair that won’t grow past a certain length! Give your hair a boost with the highly concentrated Lee Stafford Hair Growth Activation Leave-In Treatment.

Healthy hair always starts with a healthy scalp. Fuelled by a shot of Caffeine to help give your hair the wake up call it needs for healthy hair growth. this unique treatment applies from the scalp to the ends of each strand. Formulated with a blend of plant-based Lupine Seed and Vegetable Protein to strengthen hair. Plus, nutrient rich fruit extracts and a natural peptide to help anchor hair into follicles at the root. Hair will be left feeling healthy, strong and smooth.


How to use

Wash hair with Hair Growth Activation Shampoo and Conditioner. Towel dry hair then spray evenly from roots to ends and comb through. Dry hair as usual. LEE’S TOP TIP: Can also be used on dry hair. Spray over mid-lengths and ends throughout the day to help strengthen hair and tame frizz.


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