Precision Beauty Jade Gua Sha Massager 3pc


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In Nigeria, Precision Beauty Jade Gua Sha Massager Set 3pc


Gua sha massager tool was designed to improve the microcirculation of the facial blood vessels, increase the flow of blood, lymph and body fluids. Make you less stressed, more concentrated, look presentable, feel energized and healthy. Made with 100% natural pemium jade stone, which adds beneficial minerals to skin beauty and body health. Long lasting, super easy to care, static free. Whole Body Caring: Jade Gua sha can works great on neck, face, back hand, wrist, shoulders and foot. Offer you the most complete massage therapy.

  • Facial massager set
  • Softens fine lines
  • Contours and sculpts jawline and cheek bones
  • Helps produce collagen and tighten skin
  • Brightens dull complexion and dark circles
  • Reduces puffiness and inflammation
  • Stimulates circulation for improved lymphatic drainage
  • Three pieces: Dolphin shape, Square shape, S double curved shape


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