Berrywell Eyebrow & Eyelash Dye – Shades


In Nigeria, Berrywell Augenblick Eyebrow and Eyelash Dye – Different Colours Available


Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting is very common these days. The goal of this tint is to achieve the look of mascara without having to apply make up daily. Augenblick — that is the slogan and theme for expressive eyebrow and eyelash colors with a long-lasting effect. The Eyebrow & Eyelash Dye Augenblick provides you with a highgrade, semi-permanent color, safe tested quality, easy application and perfectly coordinated accessories. The result: always a perfect appearance and enticing, unforgettable moments. Approved by dermatologists.

Berrywell Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting come in colour that makes eyes looks beautiful and attractive. Easy to apply and rapidly effective, perfect choice for makeup artists and other professionals and DIY home users. The tint gives brows and lashes a natural colour, making it fuller and unobtrusive. Lasting up to 6 weeks, smudge and waterproof, this professional eyelash and eyebrow tint is the epitome of long-lasting eye beauty. Made in Germany under high-quality conditions and dermatologically approved. Using this eyebrow tinting product does not irritate the skin and results in fuller, thicker and healthier eyelashes and eyebrows. Ideal for individuals with sensitive skin around the eyes.

This eyelash and eyebrow dyeing help add shine, making the eyes look charming. It is cruelty-free and contains only ingredients of plant-based origin. Using this product to tint your brows and eyelashes at home results in less use of false lashes as lashes grow naturally. It contains no perfume additives and has a low pH level.

Select a Colour

  • Black is and remains the timeless classic! Richly intensive pure black for an extremely alluring look.
  • Blue-black: Anything but “blue shimmer”! Intensive shimmering moments full of expression with augenblick blue-black.
  • Natural Brown transforms naturalness into perfection! Emphasises the natural appearance of customers with light to dark brown hair.

Is This Product For You?

  • The product is not weather-selective. You can use it both in rainy and sunny weather
  • It lasts up to 6 weeks, reducing the need for constant reapplication
  • Makes brows and lashes fuller and longer without being obtrusive.

Direction Of Use

  • Wash and wipe eyelashes and eyebrows meticulously, making sure they are free from residues like oil and makeup
  • Apply vaseline or petroleum jelly around the brows and to lower lids to prevent irritation and staining.
  • Place a sticky or non-sticky eye eyelash pad on the underside of the eyelid.
  • Mix your selected tint colour with 3% developer lotion in 50:50 propotions until it forms a creamy paste.
  • Ensure pad fits well on lashes without folds. use vaseline to hold them still if non-stick pad is used.
  • Apply paste to brows and lashes using a tint brush and/or mascara brush.
  • Wait for 8-10 minutes and wipe off with wet cotton pad. Wash face with water after 5 minutes to remove traces of the product.

For professional use, contact us for bulk purchase and discount.


Black, Blue-Black, Natural Brown


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