Topicals Like Butter Hydrating Mask


Topicals Like Butter in Nigeria


Dry, sensitive skin? This thick, whipped mask is packed with powerful botanicals for skin so smooth it’s like butter. Like Butter has an oat-like smell. Safe for eczema. Restores dry, flaky skin. Helps soothe sensitive and stressed-out skin. Fortifies skin’s damaged moisture barrier.


Best moisturizing mask ever— quit eyeing and just click checkout!!!!

Amazing face mask! I love that it applies thin but packs a punch with the moisturizing! Lasts all day and I love layering it with a sleep mask for dryer days and nights! Chelsea C.

A non greasy product that helps eczema

Usually eczema products are heavy emollient based and therefore require you not to wear clothing g near the affected area for a while but with like butter I can actually be right on the go and still have my skin protected and healed while I go about my business! Five star, will repurchase. Valentina R.

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