Elevate The Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Laminaton Kit


In Nigeria, Elevate The Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Laminaton Kit


Elevate the Beauty Eyebrow And Lash Lamination Kit is a 2in1 perm for your lashes and brows designed to retrain hair direction and give you thicker, longer look, that will last from 6 to 8 weeks.

IMAGINE WAKING UP TO A PERFECTLY LOOKING, NEAT EYEBROWS AND BEAUTIFUL, CURLED LASHES. Forget about tons of makeup and fixation tools. Using this 2in1 lamination kit you will get beautiful long lasting results.

BROW LAMINATION IS A NEW BEAUTY TRICK DESIGNED TO OPEN YOUR EYES. Retrain the direction and shape of your eyebrows, make them look fuller, longer and bushier | Lash lamination (also called lash lifting) gives the result of thicker, longer and darker lashes.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY. Beauty salons usually charge from 80$ to 160$ for a single session. Using Elevate the Beauty kit you will save money. Depending on your eyebrows/lash size, you can reuse the solution up to 8 times.

PROFESSIONAL LAMINATION EFFECT. Perfect for people with messy eyebrows as well as for those who has rarely growing eyebrows – enjoy thicker brow effect. Lamination effect will last for at least 6 weeks.

DIY AT HOME | EASY AND SAVE. 4 steps solution for eyebrow lamination and 4 steps solution for lash lifting. Less invasive than microblading, more natural effect.

For professional use, contact us for bulk purchase and discount.


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